Continuing to deliver on the high-performance benefits of Bolon, BOLON Rugs offers designers the freedom to specify flooring unique to each project without the constraints of wall-to-wall installation.

Using a combination of woven-vinyl flooring from BOLON in Sweden with local design and craftsmanship, BOLON Rugs delivers high performance, customised solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, including guest rooms, lobbies, outdoor recreational areas, office spaces, retail setting and corridors. 

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Superior Performance
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BOLON Rugs offer the highest durability ratings for textile products. The European standard EN15114 has classified BOLON products as 32 and 33, suitable for heavy commercial traffic.

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Quality product
& service

BOLON Rugs deliver quality craftsmanship and comprehensive product and service expertise by The Andrews Group, including product supply, installation and life-cycle management.

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Hygienic &

BOLON yarn is innately resistant to microbial invasion and with very low VOC emissions, the collection contributes positively to indoor air quality.

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The collection is impervious to liquid, resulting in a waterproof and rot-resistant product.

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Easy to

BOLON Rugs offer an easy to maintain flooring solution with simple care and maintenance routines requiring no harmful chemicals. The compact yarn also results in fewer places for dirt and debris to hide.

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The woven structure of BOLON flooring is slip resistant, making it appropriate for public areas exposed to heavy foot traffic.

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Indoor /

Suitable for both indoor and controlled outdoor use, maintaining its structure when exposed to everyday wear.

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BOLON uses only the highest quality raw material in its production and without phthalates. The simple care and maintenance routines require no harmful chemicals and the extensive product life minimises waste and environmental impact.

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BOLON Rugs provides comfort underfoot and has anti-static properties to protect against unpleasant shocks.


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